Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Farmington NM

many women use chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy

Pregnancy chiropractic care in Farmington NM is safe, effective, and the benefits are well-documented. Hormones and changes in the pelvis can result in pain and difficulty delivering if the baby can’t drop properly.

Research shows that keeping the pelvis and spine aligned through regular chiropractic care results in up to a 33% reduction in delivery time.

Adjustments for Moms-To-Be in Farmington NM

Our treatment plan is designed specifically for your needs. Generally, the closer you get to your delivery date, the more often we see you. We’ve adjusted people a day before delivery, and we’ve had moms stop by on their way home from the hospital to get aligned before they head home with their new baby.

We offer special techniques for our pregnant patients:

  • Webster Technique
  • Abdominal break-away table, so you can lie face down
  • Appointments with your partner, to teach them exercises they can help you with at home to relieve pressure

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